Galaxy Cellular Blinds or sometimes referred to as Honeycomb Shades, provide your home with a fashionable artistic look; they reduce the amount of energy that escapes through your windows with the insulating properties of the honeycomb-shaped cells. The fabric is made from 2 separate pieces and attached to create the hexagonal cells that make up a honeycomb shaped blind.


JHS’ Galaxy Cellular Blinds are a great way to maximise the energy efficiency of your home. An appealing closed cell design, creates pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to assist in lowering your energy bills. The cell shapes hold trapped air, and create a buffer between the window surface and the room. This prevents the inside and outside air from coming in contact with each other and preventing heat loss or heat gain.

Offering outstanding sound absorption, cellular blinds also reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring. If you want something different, they have the nice option of being able to raise and lower from both the top and bottom of the shade.

Cellular Blinds come with flexible strengths of light filtration starting from a translucent shade that lets most light in while protecting privacy, right down to a full block out shade option.