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Request an Appointment Online

How many times have you been stuck on hold to Book a Measure and Quote, yet been made to complete another feedback survey over the phone? Now you can book your next Measure online with JHS Blinds and Screens, plus, we don’t need the Feedback; we already know how good we are.

All you have to do is fill in a few details and JHS Blinds will take care of the rest..

Upon our visits, you’ll now be able to speak to a Licensed Technician who will answer any questions you have, while offering you the best solution for your Home Improvement needs.

We also offer FREE Estimated Quotations upon viewing your Building Plans, which means that, you also benefit from saving time.

To book your appointment, Click here.

Anyone who knows JHS Blinds and Screens will tell you that we never fail to satisfy our customers Home Improvement expectations. Just like we Protect our loved ones, we value the importance of Protecting your Family.

Whether it be from prowling eyes to uninvited guests, JHS Blinds and Screens have been servicing the Sydney area for more than 10 years with attention to one thing – Quality.

Up until recently, we combined our Business and Family lifestyle to bring you a dedicated, honest Husband and Wife Team. In saying this, many of our customers have already experienced the advantage of personal customer service, honesty and reliability.

We’ve had many return customers from previous Blinds that we’ve installed, which shows the trust we have built over the years with all our Clients.

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