How to Declutter your entire home in 6 Days! (Plus, save the environment.)

We all know how painful it can be when the household items pile up throughout the year and especially during Christmas. When the kid’s toys have doubled in mass, and when the fridge has had its last shelf standing with all the leftovers. It’s time to Declutter, rearrange and renew for 2020! (Not only that, it also helps with adult anxiety.)

Think of all the times you’ve spent looking for something that’s important because of clutter – makes it harder to clean too and can even impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to decluttering your home, do it in a way that is eco-friendly and makes you feel better about the way you discard it. Keeping the environment in mind can also have its self-esteem benefits.

Day One – The Kitchen:

  • Clean your fridge
  • Throw out old food or expired condiments
  • Clean your pantry
  • Sell or donate any small kitchen appliances that you no longer use
  • Make a list of any new condiments that need replacing
  • Finally go through your junk draw and organise it (Come on! We’re all guilty of having one!)

Day Two – Dining Room, Family Room, Entrance

  • Go through DVD/video game drawers and if you don’t love something either sell it or donate it
  • Sell or donate shoes, hats, coats, gloves and scarves that have been outgrown or simply not being used anymore
  • Sell any home décor that no longer brings you joy. Gumtree is a great way to sell unwanted items.

Day Three – Bedrooms

  • Go through all the cupboards and donate or sell any clothing items or shoes that haven’t been worn in 6 months +
  • Organise books, toys and stationery. You can donate any of these items to local day care centres or libraries.

Day Four – Bathrooms

  • Clean out all cupboards under the sink
  • Throw away all expired makeup or toiletries
  • Throw away any makeup or creams that you don’t use anymore
  • Label and use bathroom storage baskets for the items you continue to use

Day Five – Office

  • Go through your to do ‘pile’ and don’t quit until it’s all clear
  • Discard and shred all business and personal records if not needed. ASIC requires companies to keep their records for Seven Years, and the ATO requires you to keep records for five years. If your company owns any assets, then you may need to keep these records for longer.
  • Even declutter your PC! Delete any old Files that are no longer needed and make sure you back up your important files on an external hard drive or passport.


Day Six – Garage


Start off 2020 with a fresh, clean slate and don’t let the clutter reappear, (Until next year)

Happy New Year!!

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7 Mistakes to avoid when organising for Christmas in December


1.      Don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last second…

Christmas is here… Even if it means you’re wanting to start your Christmas Shopping in July – best to plan ahead. You will most definitely beat the Christmas rush, the inappropriate language from other customers and not to mention babies in trollies with their high-pitched screaming because their mum didn’t buy them a Kinder Surprise at the checkout.

Speaking from experience it’s always great to be organised. Create a Wish list for whom you want to buy for and mark off as you go.

Helpful Tip: When buying multiple gifts in one shop always write the person’s name on the products box (or clothing tags) right after you leave checkout. This will be a huge help when wrapping up all the gifts – it will remind you which gift was for which receiver.

I cannot tell you how embarrassing it can be when you have nieces and nephews that are in similar size clothing and you’ve labelled the wrong gift for the wrong child! OOPS!

2.      Avoid purchasing bulky items in store and lugging them back home – Shopping online these days is the way to go!

So, you have a perception of how Christmas should ‘look’ in your home. I know I do… a giant white Christmas Tree with mesmerising, crystallised ornaments and fake snow. Then I want the Nativity Set under my tree showing our love for the Lord Jesus Christ (YEP! Always at my place). Don’t forget I want the staircase draped and wrapped in endless metres of Wreaths and Garlands. Next, I’ll vision extra-large gifts, all tied up with gold ribbon, piled on top of each other sitting under our tree waiting to be unwrapped by our two adorable, patient, kind and loving children……. SNAP OUT OF IT!

Who do you think is going to carry all this back home AND who do you think is going to prepare all this???!!!

Shopping Online is the way to go these days. Online stores have been around for more than 10 years now, and with the chaos that we all experience during Christmas time – You would have to be communicating with Elves to not do it for at least half of your shopping!

Come on, we know you want to ADD TO CART…

3.      Don’t throw out Christmas Gift bags from the year before – Recycle them and use them for the year ahead

Well, we are getting close to finishing off the year – so let’s Wrap it Up! If you’re the same as me and love to see a Gift Wrapped but don’t have the patience to wrap it, then re-using gift bags that you were given from the year before can be lifesavers. No Wrapping, no cutting and no folding!

4.      If you want a smooth Shopping Run, best to Shop alone

Think quick! Get in and out of the shops as quickly as possible. Don’t speak to anyone, don’t make small talk with the cashier, and don’t conversate with people you have run into that you may know.

Avoid eye contact, head down and sprint through the shops like you’ve never shopped before! Maybe you can get your steps up on your Garmin while you’re at it.

5.      Avoid wasting time in putting up the Christmas Tree year in and year out.

If you’re not big on getting everyone involved to put up the Christmas Tree – Wrap the Tree in Bubble Wrap, ornaments attached and all (Maybe remove the fairy lights) and store the Tree as is so it’s ready for the next year. You’ll Thank me later.

6.      Avoid getting too wasted at the Work Christmas Party

We tend to work so professionally all year round, then boom! Work Christmas Party. Time to let your hair down and your liver explode… but to what extent?

Avoid becoming the talk of the new year ahead with pointless gossip and embarrassing moments. Keep it classy and simple at your next Christmas Party and remember, just have fun!

(Said, no Mother ever!)

7.      Avoid being left alone

Worried about being Single at Christmas? If you’re concerned you don’t have that Plus One in your life, then best to do something about it now!

Organise to invite other single friends over for the holiday period or offer to host end of year events at your place. Try not to turn down any festive invitations from other friends. Christmas is a time to enjoy everybody’s company and to be thankful for what and who we have in our lives.

One more thing…

JHS Blinds and Screens would like to wish all our Clients, Partners, Family and Friends a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Prosperous New Year for Twenty-Twenty.

We couldn’t do this without you and the support you have shown us throughout previous years.

JHS Blinds and Screens can’t wait to bring you a bigger and better 2020 with a lot more laughs and giggles.

Stay Safe and remember –

“JHS – I’ts a Family Thing”

Christmas Closure Dates:

25th, 26th December 2019

1st, 2nd January 2020