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A second-hand victim of the Corona Outbreak – JHS


If I could take a screenshot of what I was looking at before I started writing this article, then the only thing you would see would be a blank page.

This is exactly how a lot of us are feeling like right now – GLOBALLY…

We feel Blank. Lost. Helpless. And all we want to do is fill up the page.

We want to fill it up with information, answers and confirmation.

JHS Blinds and Screens has not written a personal Blog for a very long time – Most of you have always read about our work, our history and our commitment to the Blinds and Screens Industry in Sydney. You have read about our professionalism, coming firsthand from the woman of the business.

Today, I write differently. Today, I get personal. (with a twist of selling).

Most of you now have come to the realisation that things are different. People around us are different. The world has turned into one massive ball of fire. A fire that continues to spread when embers get thrown around with the wind, travelling from one tree to the next.

The only way to stop these embers from travelling is to stay indoors. So, welcome to my home readers. It is now day 3 of Isolation at the JHS Family home.

Along with my two young children and amazing Husband (which is still working), the JHS family continue to stick together to dodge any obstacles we encounter. We continue to service our customers until being told otherwise from the “big guys”.

Whether it be a simple FREE Measure and Quote or a simple phone consultation. JHS Blinds and Screens are still here to service our Sydney community.

From home-schooling a 6-year-old to controlling an active 4-year-old, running a business and household is not plain and simple. JHS, on the other hand, create a plain and simple transition for your next new build, renovation or extension.

From the first point of contact (Keep it 1.5 metres distance please) to the day of installation, JHS Blinds and Screens will make your home stand out from the rest. (Gloves and Face masks included).

Another reason why staying at home these days to avoid the Coronavirus is not a bad idea. You get the best views of the best workmanship JHS has to offer. We will take necessary precautions when entering your home, keeping your health a priority as well as your Blinds, Shutters and Security Doors.

So, from all of us at the JHS Family home we wish you all to stay safe, stay home and stay positive.

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Smart Homes

Thursday, 05 March 2020 by
smart homes

Are Smart Homes the ‘New Build’?

An overall look at homes with intellectual technology

(That’s somewhat smarter than man!)


Those were the days when calculators were in our kids’ school bags and not Iphones…

Those were the days when we wrote everything by hand from an overhead projector in classrooms and not research the internet using our laptops.

Oh, how things have changed in today’s modern world. Most of our everyday items used by mankind is automated, compact in size and a whole lot smarter. Smarter than mankind, actually!

So, what is it that’s starting to make our lives easier?

Well, seeing as we are JHS Blinds and Screens; let’s take Blinds for example.

Most owners that are building new, luxury homes are requesting more information for Roller Blind Installations that come with automation. Automated Roller blinds are getting much more attention due to their ease of lifestyle concept and enviousness.

Some “Smarty-Pants” facts:

According to Telsytes Technology analyst firm, Australian households will be looking at having more than 37 connected devices by the year 2023. While, at the end of 2018, the average Australian household had 17 connected devices, mainly made up of smartphones, computers, tablets and other gadgets. While, their latest digital consumer study has found “convenience” is overtaking price as the number one factor for purchasing “smart” goods.

More than 40 per cent of homeowners’ budgets is set to be spent on improving energy efficiency. One of the items are Automated Blinds. Motorised Roller Blinds boost the energy-efficiency of your home in two ways, insulation and light control. By setting your motorised blinds to open and close at different times, it means less reaching for the light switch. Less energy, less expenses. Smart isn’t it?

Why is JHS so smart?

JHS Blinds and Screens offer motorised Roller Blinds, most of which are powered by Somfy, and also some that can be operated by Battery power. Using battery operated automated roller blinds can also decrease your energy bills. Depending on the usage of opening and closing your blinds you may need to recharge the Batteries once every 4-6 months. Another reason to automate your home with JHS Blinds and Screens

Have you recently purchased a double storey home that isn’t too smart yet?? You can still enjoy the benefits of hands-free Blinds. Yes, battery operated. We thought you would never ask!

Consumers these days that purchase homes built without automated blinds tend to go for the Battery-operated Motors – Somfy of course… In saying that, you won’t need to disrupt any clean walls with holes and wiring.

Your home is so smart, it will sell itself!

The technological smart-home concept can bring another benefit for homeowners that are looking to sell their home. Because of the expected rise in 2021 to 1.6 million households implementing Internet technology, more Australian homeowners are making the decision to invest in smart wiring. Real estate feedback has agreed that implementing smart home factors does deliver that ‘wow factor’ to potential buyers. It creates a point of difference that makes your home stand out from the rest. Automated blinds can help to drive sales by adding value and making properties more appealing to buyers.

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