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6 Myths and Facts about Curtains – What you need to know

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6 Myths and Facts about Curtains – What you need to know

You’ve probably heard a lot about Roller Blinds. Some can cut out 99% of daylight, and they can decrease your energy bills.

But have you thought that Curtains can indeed give you the same benefits as what a Roller Blind can? Even more?

Here’s our Guide (straight from the Boss lady of the Business) on Curtains. What you should be aware of before you get them installed – (by the Boss man of the Business.)

Many questions that come to us are based on a wide range of misconceptions and myths.

Forget the Myths – We’re here to help you in making the right choice (with a few facts too!)

1. You can’t see through Double Sheer Curtains – MYTH!

It’s a myth from when the sun goes down and lights come on from inside your home. Sheer curtains can completely expose you to outsiders and unless you’re planning to create a puppet show for your neighbours, we don’t recommend these fabrics if privacy is extremely important to you.

2. You cannot machine wash your S Fold Curtains – MYTH!

You can machine wash them BUT be weary of your washing machine cycle. Place your Sheer Curtains into your washing machine so the machine is half full. Dissolve your detergent before washing them and set your machine to gentle wash at no more than 60 degress. If your curtains are really dirty, ensure you give them an extra 10 – 15 minutes of soaking time.

3. Curtains can block out heat – FACT!

Blockout curtains can trap heat in during the Winter and keep light and heat out during the Summer.

In fact, a quality set of Blockout curtains have claimed to block up to 90% more heat from sunlight, which can have a tremendous effect on a room’s temperature and bring your energy costs down. This depends on various factors, including the curtain’s thickness, colour, material, and overall quality. In saying this, Blockout curtains can in fact block out 100% daylight!

4. Thick Curtains can Soundproof a room – MYTH!

Just having thick Curtains won’t soundproof your home. It may decrease echoing because they are adding texture to a room, but they certainly won’t soundproof the theatre room from your husband when he blasts the Sonos speakers to watch a Jason Statham movie!

5. Curtains are the ‘safest’ when it comes to my child’s safety – FACT!

As a Mother, like any other Mother I am constantly worried about the safety of my children. Both – chalk and cheese. One you will find nestled in the corner reading her favourite book, and, the other? Well, let’s just say he wants to be like RAMBO… chaotic, energetic and always getting himself into trouble!

Yes – Curtains are the safest when it comes to Toddlers and young children. Especially Curtains that are NOT corded and Installed by a trained technician who complies with Safety standards.

According to the ACCC, between one and two children die in Australian homes every year as a result of non-compliant corded blinds and curtains (with cords). You can read more about it here.

Even writing about this sends chills down my spine thinking that a simple cord can be entangled around a child’s neck.

The JHS team have always explained that Motorisation is the way to go nowadays. Becoming more and more affordable each year, anybody can have Motorised Blinds and/or Curtains.

Why would you want to place a price on your Child’s life?

6. Curtains are cheaper when you DIY – mmm interesting..

Let’s read that again. Curtains ARE CHEAPER when you DIY.

We’re not here to take sides. We’re here to tell the truth.

So, in saying that – YES, Curtains ARE cheaper when you DIY.

But let’s put this into perspective. You need to ask yourself before you buy online from pre-made furnishing stores.

  • What look are you going for?
  • Will the Fabric fray or fade over time?
  • Are they Custom Made?
  • Will I get a personalised experience even after I purchase them?
  • Who will install them for me when they arrive?

When you buy from a specialised window furnishing business, you’re not only paying for the product. You’re also paying for the service.

An in-home consultation offers the buyer a more personalised experience, plus the peace of mind knowing that the product will be custom made to suit their home, lifestyle and windows. Yes, you will find that you may pay more for the fabric, but the quality and continued service after the Curtains have been installed speaks for itself.

I hope I have given you some clarity on the Myths and Facts of Curtains. So the next time you’re browsing for Curtains, be sure to understand how they all work before you make the decision for your window furnishing project.


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