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5 Things about Security doors you may not have known

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  • 5 Things about Security doors you may not have known

5 Things about Security doors you may not have known

5 Things about Security doors you may not have known


  1. Stainless steel mesh on a security door come in different types of grades – with grade 304 being the less expensive mesh which is all well and done for your pocket but will suffer severe corrosion over time.

Grade 316 has excellent corrosion resistance. This is what JHS Blinds and Screens use (Only the best of course).  Not only is it the best quality, but you’ll also benefit from the strength of the door’s mesh. Discouraging burglars from even thinking about breaking in.

You can find out more here

2. Most of us know Security doors that have passed Australian standards come with a Triple lock mechanism. But did you know the actual benefit this has for the door, and for your safety, is something that you wouldn’t even think about?

So, the first thing that comes to mind when you visualise an intruder, is kicking. We all want to kick doors down, especially if your 5-year-old has locked herself in her room. But, if you were to have a door with a single lock cylinder kicked in by an intruder, then most likely the door would be wrenched back. Having that triple lock mechanism may prevent the bottom or top of the door to be kicked in, therefore making the unwelcome visitor think twice about what they’re doing.

3. When you’re shopping around for quotes there’s a difference in doors when you mention the word ‘security’. A Barrier door is less expensive and made with a single lock cylinder which means it will hold up less in an intruder situation.

A Screen door or Fly door is mainly used for bug control and is fine if you’re not too fussed about locks. These come standard with a latch.

4. When you think of Security door, you’re probably imaging a thick, bulky, unattractive entry door that would obscure the front of your home, making it look like a gaol. Not the case. In fact, Security doors have always been designed with the home owner in mind. You can showcase your newly renovated home with plain mesh front entry hinged doors. Modernising the appearance and adding high quality security for your family.

P.S don’t forget the triple lock.

5. Doggy Doors: We’ve had customers contact us and ask us for help when it comes to their four-legged pals.

If your pet is part of the family routine, then you must cater for them also. Surprisingly, many consumers don’t know that doggy doors even exist. They come in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. On the other hand, make sure you have a fenced yard and that your dog is well behaved enough to not escape when left unattended.

Struggling with your dogs? Read our article on how you can keep your dogs from destroying your blinds

Bet you didn’t know at least one of these important points? If you would like further information call us today to go over various options, so you can benefit from security at its best from JHS.

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