How do I keep my Dog from Destroying my Blinds?

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How do I keep my Dog from Destroying my Blinds?

If you’re a pet owner who keeps their dogs inside the home, then you’re probably questioning yourself – Should I get rid of the Dog or remove my Blinds?

The answer is simple…

You can keep both.

Here’s how to make the right choice for your indoor furry friend by having the right home improvement solution for your window coverings.

  1. ‘’When my dog senses someone or something outside, he goes crazy and destroys my Blinds”.

Let’s face it, your dog only sees Blinds as an obstruction to what he wants to see outside the window. He will jump, bite and tear what ever is in his view, determined to see the mail man or the neighbour’s children coming home from school

Solution: Keep your Blinds raised half way, so your dog can have some sight through the window without damaging your only means of privacy. We recommend Roller Blinds, Venetians or even Vertical Shades. With either of these Blinds you’re able to slide them across or pull them up so there is no barrier between your dog or the window.


  1. “We have a puppy, she chews on EVERYTHING!”

We agree with you, they are the cutest – but only when they’re sleeping. Just like babies, puppies can teeth as well. In saying this, your puppy will find anything they can grip their teeth into for pain relief or comfort, whether it be shoes, clothes or even your Blinds.

Solution: Discourage your pet from gnawing on the Blinds by spraying your Timber Slats with a No-Chew Bitter Taste spray. (Available at Pet Stores). Your pets will regret the day they messed with the Window shades. Another solution is to think ahead with Renovations. JHS Blinds and Screens recommend any type of Window Coverings that you can move across or pull up out of their way. Keeping your stress levels down and saving you money.


  1. “When we’re about to leave the house, our Dog freaks out and ruins everything”

Some Dogs eat doors, carpets and can tear up anything hanging from your Windows. This may seem like normal behaviour but if your dog panics or is clingy when you leave, then they may be suffering from ‘separation anxiety’.

Solution: Ignore that Poodle! Yes, it may seem harsh and the first thing that you’re dying to do is cuddle and kiss that pooch when you arrive home, but, it’s these actions you’re doing that’s ‘feeding’ your four-legged-friend to remain a destroyer.

So, ignore them 10 minutes before you leave the house and 10 minutes after you come home. This helps keep your dog settled and the mood calm. And ‘wataya’ know? Your Blinds, Screens and the mesh on your Security Doors remain in one piece.

During your next JHS Blinds & Screens consultation, we’ll take the time to get to know your lifestyle habits so you can get the most out of your Blinds and remain satisfied with the Window covering choices you make.



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