Roller Blinds

Convenient & Effortless


Loose cords and chains are a danger to young children. With Somfy automated blinds and curtains, the cords and chains are completely removed, providing peace of mind for you and a safer environment for your kids.

Easy to use

The traditional way to operate roller blinds is with a simple side chain. But with JHS Blinds, you can also choose something a little more automated, from a simple power switch to a wireless remote (using radio frequency), right through to a comprehensive home automation system.

Longer lifespan

Manually operated blinds often end up being damaged by excessive force and improper use. Somfy’s smooth and controlled operation ensures both maximum functionality and a longer product lifespan.

Energy efficiency

Reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat and light entering your home. Keep your home cool in summer by reflecting the harsh heat of the sun, but allow it in during winter to enjoy natural warmth and light.

Simple & Cost Effective

Having a Single Roller Blind system Installed right through the house ensures privacy when needed and helps with the Cost of redecorating and styling. Block out any unwanted heat, sun or even visitors and give the rooms a sense of coziness and style.

Easy to use

Roller Blinds are known for the simplicity and easy to handle product. The traditional way to operate Roller Blinds is with a side chain, but, if you are looking for something more automated and classy then our Motorised Roller Blinds is for you.

Best of both worlds

If you’re having difficulty trying to figure out what you want, then why not have the best of both worlds. Combine your blockout blind on the outside and a translucent blind on the inside. You can pull the blockout blind down when the sun fades and during the daytime, you can pull the blockout blind up leaving the translucent shade down, giving you an obscure ray of light through the home.


  • Fabrics available for all companion products
  • Easy to clean: most fabrics are soil- and stain-resistant, and can simply be wiped clean
  • Options available for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens
  • Flame retardant, blockout, dim-out and glare reduction fabrics available

Linked Roller Blinds

With the help of JHS, you can now link 2 or more Roller Blinds together and operate them with the one chain.

Our Linked Roller Blinds can be installed as Single or Double. the choice is yours.

(Generally we advise no more than 3 Blinds to be linked)

Our installation consists of a bracket that connects the Blinds together.

Want to Motorise your Linked Rollers? By using the motorise option you're also saving money. You can link them together and only need to use the one motor. Convenient!