How to Turn your theatre room into the 7th wonder of your home

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How to Turn your theatre room into the 7th wonder of your home

Since Covid took over so has staying at home, streaming movies, and eating in.

The family Theatre room has been the place to be in our crazy world of isolation. So why not bring your theatre room to life with sounds, systems, and Shutters! (or any blockout window covering)

Many of today’s builds, clients request that theatre rooms are just as important as the master bedroom. Bringing so many benefits to the table which include increasing the value of your home. You also get to have the cinema feel without the hassle of going out or waiting in line and best part is, you get to sneak in as many snacks as you want!

Here’s how you can turn your theatre room into the seventh wonder of your home.

Choose Dark Colours for your walls and flooring

If you really want that cinema experience, whether it be watching a movie or game interaction then the last thing you want is a brightly textured room to spoil the mood. Dark charcoals, greys and even the straight black can set the room and make you want to stay in on a Friday night. Dark carpeting creates a much cosier comfort zone as well as choosing dark colours for any tv units or shelving. Not a carpet person? Dark tiles are easier to keep clean and you can always place a rug down if the kids want to lounge out on their beanbags.

Get in touch with surround sound operated wirelessly

If you want to be in the middle of all the action, save the car crashes or remember the tune from your favourite you tube video then surround sound is the best choice.

It’s almost a necessity now to complete your home theatre. It delivers the sound based on where it’s coming from. Front, left, right, to give you that cinematic feel and bring your visual to life. Modern Technology has made Surround sound systems much more affordable and different variants make it simple to meet the needs of all types of budgets.

Block out as much natural light as you possibly can

This is where JHS Blinds and Screens Sydney come in! Sit back, relax, and be entertained with no glare on your TV Screen or no natural light peeping through from outside. The best option for window coverings in your Home Theatre room are Block out Curtains. Choose Dark colours to match with your dark walls. When the lights are off and the room is closed, should nothing get in your way of late-night entertainment and home comfort!

Another option for window coverings in the theatre room can be Translucent Roller Blinds as well as the Blockout Curtains. Take advantage of privacy during the day with your curtains opened but your roller blinds down. This creates a cozy, yet secured feel during the day time when the theatre room is not being used. Add that extra luxury to the room and motorise your roller blinds. Contact us today to bring motorisation to your windows

Keep your Décor` to a minimum

The last thing you want is to have your favourite Vase accidently tipped over in the dark because you can’t see anything but the screen in your home theatre. Sure, the screen will give a little light, but the whole purpose for a home theatre is get that cinema experience. Do you see décor` at the movies?? Maybe left-over popcorn on the floor but no décor`. So, keep those fake flowers and candles for another room in your home.

For more information on Motorisation and Blockout Window Coverings, contact us today

Comfy seating, beanbags, snacks and nothing but the Remote control

Make sure everybody knows where the remote control is. Nothing left to do now but sit back and be entertained in the comfort of your own home!

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